7.2 The terms “data responsible,” “data processing,” “personal data,” “person concerned,” “supervisory authority,” “process” and “processing” have the meaning given to them from time to time under all applicable data protection laws. The details of the transmission and, if applicable, the specific categories of personal data are included in Appendix 1, which is an integral part of the clauses. 2.1 Data processing is conducted for the period from the entry into force of the agreement to the end of the delivery of FormAssembly`s services. (j) make available to the person concerned, upon request, a copy of the clauses or an existing contract for sub-treatment, unless the clauses or contract contain commercial information, in which case they may withdraw this commercial information, with the exception of Appendix 2, which is replaced by a summary description of security measures in cases where the person concerned is unable to obtain a copy of the exporter; 5.1 Enter the categories of people involved who are subject to treatment, for example. B users, employees. (b) that it ordered the data importer and, for the duration of the data processing services, that it process the personal data transmitted only on behalf of the data exporter and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation and clauses; (i) at the request of the data exporter, to present its data processing services for the review of processing activities covered by the clauses, carried out by the data exporter or by a supervisory body composed of independent members and holding the required professional qualifications, which are bound by a confidentiality obligation, possibly selected by the data exporter in agreement with the supervisory authority; 4.1 Enter categories of personal data that are processed, such as numbers. B mobile phone, IP addresses, photos, communication data. The personal data provided relates to the following categories of data: (d) that, after reviewing the requirements of the applicable data protection law, the security measures are appropriate, protect personal data from accidental or accidental destruction or accidental loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or unauthorized access, particularly where processing involves the transfer of data over a network and against any other form of illicit processing, and these measures ensure a level of security commensurated with the risks associated with the processing and the nature of the data to be protected, given the state of the art and the costs of its implementation; Customers should quickly fill in, sign and return salesforce`s new computer supplements to dataprocessingaddendum@salesforce.com.

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