As between you and CameraFTP: You will have all your data stored in all the files of the camera, whether you share/ publish the camera or not. You can delete your cameras at any time, no longer share/publish them. CameraFTP holds all rights, titles and interests (including all intellectual property rights) on and on the website, service, technology, information, documents, files, web pages and other products developed in connection with the website or available on the website. 4. Hardware and Bandwidth Requirements The cloud monitoring and storage service requires at least one monitoring device. CameraFTP supports the FTP and FTP protocol via SSL. Most IP cameras are compatible with our service. It is the responsibility of members to obtain a compatible IP camera or any other surveillance device. Members can also use our mobile Security Camera App or virtual Security System Software as an IP camera.

Downloading images from IP cameras or video clips to the cloud can require a lot of network bandwidth. A high-speed Internet connection is required for the use of our service. Members need to make sure there is enough bandwidth, such as download bandwidth.B. If you`re using a Wi-Fi connection, you also need to make sure that all devices are inside the Wi-Fi space and that your Wi-Fi network isn`t overloaded. If you need to place a camera in a location that isn`t in the Wi-Fi area, you can connect the camera to the router via an Ethernet cable, or a Wi-Fi area extender can also work. CameraFTP is not responsible for service issues caused by your own devices, your local network or sufficient network bandwidth. 7. Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancelation and Policy Policy CameraFTP service offers a free trial service or limited service for members. CameraFTP no longer provides technical assistance after the free trial service expires. A free trial service or free service is limited to a camera license. Users should first try the free service before ordering a subscription.

CameraFTP does not offer refunds after collecting a fee. Depending on the circumstances, CameraFTP may offer service credits that can be used on both and If you need more camera licenses or need to set up cameras with higher settings, you can order a new subscription. If you want to update/downgrade an existing subscription, you can do so by logging in to Click “Current Subscriptions” on the Subscription page to view a list of subscription plans. You can select an upgrade or upgrade plan. (Note that steps may change in the future) To cancel a subscription, you can select a plan from the “Current Subscriptions” page, then click Cancel to cancel it.

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