Emma Nicholson is Head of Marketing (Recruitment Franchise) for ServiceMaster. ServiceMaster was founded in Chicago in 1929 and was first introduced to the UK in 1959. The group currently consists of 6 brands – ServiceMaster Clean, ServiceMaster Restore, TruGreen, Rosemary Bookkeeping, Merry Maids and Furniture Medic. Emma talks about the company`s franchise trip to the UK, its past achievements and the challenges they have faced; including how they depreciated during the Covid pandemic. “All existing strategies were thrown out the window and instead we had to develop a business contingency plan, not only for our core business, but also for our franchise brands. We continue to work hard to rebuild and strengthen our brands. The duration of the agreement and extension: the initial duration of the deductible is five years. If the franchisees have complied with the core of the agreement and maintain the transaction in accordance with the system`s standards, they may extend the franchise for a further five consecutive years. Non-dominant financial participation in the capital of a publicly traded competitor may constitute a restriction of competition within the meaning of Section 85, paragraph 1, and in this case it is not considered a significant restriction, since franchisees are generally small businesses, whose prohibition on acquiring more than 5% of a publicly traded company is not normally a real obstacle to the development of its own activities. In addition, franchisees are completely free to acquire financial stakes in non-competing companies. (11) The obligation for the franchisee not to engage, after the termination of the contract, an activity of a competing company in a territory where it provided services prior to the termination of the contract.

In addition, for a one-year period, the franchisee is not authorized to solicit customers who were its customers during the two-year period prior to the termination of the contract. As the owner of your business, you develop relationships with customers in many sectors, including motor skills, education, health, healthcare and retail, in order to grow your business by offering regular cleaning services for their offices, showrooms, offices, classrooms and outlets through your professional healthcare. Multi-brand competition in the market in question is both very strong and open: the market for cleaning, cleaning and maintenance services is very competitive, as many companies provide similar or identical services. It is also a barrier-free market for entry, with the result that new suppliers can at any time question any attempt by ServiceMaster or its franchisees to increase their prices. Based on our proven business model and with the help of a qualified team of franchise professionals at ServiceMaster Clean, we have examples of companies in our network that have grown by more than $1,000,000 in less than 5 years. In view of ServiceMaster Limited`s request on June 3, 1987 (England) for a negative certificate and notification of a standard form for franchise agreements for the provision of household, cleaning and maintenance services in the Community (15), the requirement for the franchisee to obtain prior authorization from ServiceMaster for the location of its franchise premises. This obligation is necessary to ensure that a poor choice does not damage the reputation of the network, which is a concern of the entire franchise network. (16) The obligation for the franchisee to devote the necessary time and attention to the ServiceMaster business and to do its best to promote and increase the turnover of that company. This transport obligation is intended to force the franchisee to focus on the development of his business.

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