The only time a lease is not appropriate is when you rent to someone who intends to live there for the long term. In this case, you need an official lease. Under the new state law, local governments regulate admission and registration, health and safety, and other issues directly related to short-term rents. Under the short-term rental right, an intermediary is a person or institution that is not an operator, which facilitates the sale, use or ownership of an occupation and charges the public for room fees; However, provided that the term “facilitated” includes a natural organization or organization that communicates, coordinates or organizes the purchase, sale, use or holding of occupations by the general public; in addition, the term “intermediate” is intended to include a hosting platform and the operator`s agent.” All short-term rent operators must meet hygiene standards and cleaning requirements for Massachusetts safety standards and checklists: lodging operators. Are inspections necessary? Cities and municipalities can implement a health and safety inspection obligation and determine the frequency of inspections. Short-term owners are required to cover inspection costs and will likely have to expect a fee to cover registration fees. A lease in Massachusetts may be one of two types: the first thing you need to know about your contract in Massachusetts is whether you are dealing with a periodic lease or a lease at your convenience. A rental agreement usually lasts for a fixed period against rent, while a rental agreement can be unlimited at will. Leases can only be terminated with an end-of-contract notice in the event of a breach of contract, while a lease agreement can be terminated at any time with the Massachusetts Notice to Vacate form. In the absence of a written lease, the Massachusetts landlord`s law requires tenants to evacuate the property at least one payment interval in advance (or 30 days, longer, longer) if they wish to terminate the lease. When the tenant terminates the tenancy agreement, he is required to communicate to the landlord at least one payment interval in advance (or 30 days, longer, longer). This new national law requires short-term landlords: What about the 2019 rentals I have already booked? The law will exempt all 2019 rents that will be booked on or before December 31, 2018.

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Last Modified: abril 12, 2021