He said the government has shown its willingness to improve the well-being of civil servants in the country by allowing workers to speak out about their respective unions. Mr. MUKUKA said that all negotiations had been concluded and that the parties were satisfied with the agreement reached. Inflation is 6.5%, which is a lie, inflation in Zambia being 106.5%. This was done and said by the prestigious best finance minister, which has been produced so far in Zambia, Ronald Penza. You say that civil servants` salaries have increased by 9% and are increasing by 109%. You get paid after 5 days today, you are stuck and you say that inflation is in the number, practically, it is economically useless. I look at the labor law law, which allows citizens to work in more than one scheduled job, not where you are stuck for 8 hours. Let`s take more working hours of up to 16 hours in other countries have 24-hour workers working, nurse at the state hospital and after stopping work in a private clinic. May the natural syndrome of God-given poverty be eliminated.

Sorry, I researched what I said. Mr. MUKUKA said that the wage freeze imposed on civil servants against the increase in the cost of living affected their contribution, which had led to a decrease in production. The agreement has been reached in the last 10 days. Mmmm, what a coincidence, could be a way to blind ourselves to the debate about firefighters. I feel a rat. Fix Mugoto!… as if this country were still under a one-party state. Why do senior officials like those in the PS, who are supposed to be bipartisan, always complain about the PF government; the FP Government; PF Government? It is the Zambian government; For God`s sake! Wake up and get up!!! HH oval head I voted yes. so that you and your partner can be happy. You thought you were following the rainbow festival. Rainbow colors are the colors of the gay, lesbian and transgender community.

Sorry for those who don`t know that the yes vote in Australia is for same-sex marriage. This is a crime in Zambia. Now I know why HH and his/her partner in Australia are good at seeing them come out. The government and the Zambian Congress of Trade Unions – ZCTU have reached an agreement to increase civil servants` salaries from 7.4% to 9.6% from January 2018. The two sides reached a consensus after 10 days of serious consultations, during which eleven different civil service union leaders from across the country participated in the discussions at Twangale Park in Lusaka. Civil servants are certainly paid as servants. while lazy politicians receive huge salaries. Talk about real amounts and not percentages, they are misleading.

This increase is nothing, for example.B. 9.6% growth for civil servants who receive K4,000/month, now means that they receive K4,384/month. That amount is nothing compared to what ministers and members of Parliament receive. After the signing of the agreement last night, cosmas MUKUKA, secretary general of the ZCTU, said that the increases were in the best interest of the government and the civil service. Where are the salaries of civil servants this month? How M. Can Lungu get all the money from the treasury for tours in South Africa, Swaziland and the United States just to throw frames to drink, dance and take a look at Trump, without thinking about the plight of workers who are suffering and receiving only crumbs? This man has no heart for people. It is a very good predator. He even stopped mentioning God every time he made a statement. Mushota your comments are so brainless, even with your PhD, etc. why not identify yourself??????? I just finished my craft letter in car repair.. .

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