It defines an agreed set of activities such as development work, use, public access as well as maintenance and conservation standards, which you can perform without you being able to obtain a current authorization from us for this work (unless it is necessary in the agreement). If you have a heritage site, you must inform your insurer that your property is classified as a historic monument. The following fact sheets, approved by the Insurance Council of Australia, answer the most frequently asked questions about cultural heritage insurance: insurance for a listed site in Queensland and Six things insurers need to know. It guides decision-making to ensure that a place`s heritage values are maintained and is an essential tool for managing cultural heritage sites with complex needs or that are in the process of adaptation and change. Most of the types of proposed modifications, including some maintenance and repair of cultural heritage sites, are considered development. Learn more about development requirements. In order to avoid delays related to false or incomplete applications, you will be encouraged to discuss your proposal with us before making a request. Request a meeting with us before registering by sending an e-mail or contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68) and ask an officer in charge of cultural heritage development. It is also recommended to get advice from a professional or craftsman experienced in the conservation of historical monuments. You are not required to allow the public access to your cultural heritage and the public is not allowed to enter your heritage without your express permission.

For more information on heritage management plans, please contact the Department of Cultural Heritage: in Queensland, a common question for a project is whether to present an approved Cultural Heritage Agreement (CHA) or Heritage Management Plan (CHMP). While every situation is different, this article outlines some things that need to be considered in the decision-making process. A heritage exemption certificate grants permission for unstrenuous development, conservation works and simple projects that only slightly affect the cultural heritage values of a place.. . . .

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