Third beneficiary. Video Brewery is a third party expressly beneficiary of this Agreement, and Customer and Creative acknowledge that any attempt to modify, terminate or replace the Brewery Commission Video Rate in Section 1 and Sections 21, 4, 6(c) and 10 without video Brewery`s prior written consent is null and void. Independent contractor. Customer acknowledges that, in accordance with this Agreement, Creative acts exclusively as an independent contractor for Customer and is not treated as an employee of Customer. As such, Creative acts as an independent contractor and, except as expressly provided, has exclusive control over how and how to perform its obligations under this Agreement. Without the prior written consent of the customer, Creative does not have the right, power or power to enter into a contract or obligation, or to assume any liability on behalf of the customer or to bind the customer to the customer. Creative is not entitled to leave allowances, sickness benefits, overtime pay, work allowance, unemployment insurance, severance pay, health insurance, retirement or any other type of benefits from the client. This agreement is not designed and is not designed to make the customer and Creative, or video Brewery (or its officers or owners), partner, joint venture or co-owner. Adoption of proposals. After the customer accepts a project proposal, the customer pays 50% of the offer price (with a credit of the previously paid offer fee) for Video Brewery`s custodial services via the site. Go faster to work – and get paid – with bonsai: Make a video production contract And if you`re happy with the finished contract, you can click “SIGN A CONTRACT” to sign it digitally with a legally binding electronic signature before sending it to your client to do the same. The secret.

The parties also agree to take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent any unauthorized disclosure of confidential information. This is cancellation. If, for 30 consecutive days or more, one party of the other party does not provide a substantial response to a project (“cancel”), that other party may contact Video Brewery and require Video Brewery to treat the task as a cancellation considered by the non-responding party to be a cancellation. In addition, Video Brewery may ask a party whether it wishes to exercise its rights under this Subsection (iii) or inform a party that it intends to treat the task as a cancellation of the unrespovening party. . . .

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